PPG Meeting 8th April 2016

Location: Malinslee Surgery
Time: 2.00pm

Attendees: SC, CP, DH

1. 14:00 Welcome Verbal
2. Minutes agreed from last meeting Verbal
3. Discussion Items: ACTIONS:
14:05 3.1 Print off invitation posters.

New posters have been designed by DH. They are to be placed in each site. We will trial different designs to see which is more effective.

14:15 3.2 Laminate Posters.

Above posters to be laminated

14:25 3.3 Noticeboard by Angie’s room is for PPG noticeboard only.

The noticeboard in Malinslee to the side of the HCA’s room is solely for PPG use. It was agreed that the new invitation posters and other PPG related material was to placed there.

14:35 3.4 Slide show amendments

RC, CP and DH discussed changes to the slide show that is be placed on all TV display screen at all Trinity sites. DH is to take pictures of all new sites before the slide show is finalised.

AOB None
Date and Venue for the Next Meeting – 20th May 2016, 2.00pm – Malinslee Surgery


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