PPG Meeting 25th May 2016

Location: Malinslee Surgery
Time: 2.00pm

Attendees: RC, CP, DH

1. 14:00 Welcome Verbal
2. Minutes agreed from last meeting Verbal
3. Discussion Items: ACTIONS:
14:05 3.1 New Patient invitation posters.

New invitation posters have been placed in each surgery. No patients have expressed any interest in joining the PPG.

14:15 3.2 PPG Noticeboard – Malinslee.

DH and CP are in the process of adding material to the Malinslee PPG notice board. RC will feedback any suggestions from patients or staff to the PPG.

14:25 3.3 Slide show amendments

RC, CP and DH discussed changes to the slide show that is be placed on all TV display screen at all Trinity sites. DH has taken new pictures but the physical layout of some of the sites means the quality is variable. CP is to try with his camera.

14:35 3.4 Competition with Stepping Stones – ask SA.
Need to know how much the prizes will be. Derek has spoken to SA about this in early Nov / late Dec 2015.
14:45 3.5 My Medication Passport

DH asked about these items at the last meeting as he recalls them being introduced but has not seen them in use in surgery.

RC has not checked with Steve as to whether these are at Lightmoor. (Also known as My Healthy wellbeing book).

14:55 3.6 GPs attendance at PPG meeting.

DH and CP asked which GP or Nurse would be attending the PPG meeting in order to be the clinical representative.

RC has spoken to Clinical team and GP lead has been appointed. A member of the nursing team is also to be invited.

15:05 3.7 Medication review message.

DH had been for an appointment with DR Allen and had noticed the message on the right hand side of the prescription stating he was due for a medication review, despite just having had one.

Upon investigation, this message was not linked to a diary entry as thought by RC.

Message needs to be removed.

15:15 3.8 Advertising – should we?

DH and CP raised the idea of advertising services within the surgery. RC disagreed as he was not keen on showing any aspect other than the NHS. It was pointed out by DH that other practices in Telford advertise local services in their reception areas.

RC to ask partners at their weekly non-clinical meeting.

AOB None
Date and Venue for the Next Meeting – 22nd June 2016, 2.00pm – Malinslee Surgery


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